Site visits

Thursday 19th April


1. District energy retrofitting: All on board

The visit to the Blosne district, which is benefitting from an urban renewal programme, will be an opportunity to discuss the strategy and methods used by Rennes Métropole to support energy retrofitting in blocks of flats. Examples of retrofitted buildings will be presented. Discussions with social landlords, property managers, associations of co-owners and public players will help understand their respective roles and positions.

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2. A cool island at the city’s heart

In 2014, a partnership between Rennes Métropole and a local university laboratory on urban heat islands highlighted the need for the city to adapt to climate change. The update of the local planning document (PLU – plan local d’urbanisme) in 2016-2017 provided an opportunity to take practical action by restoring the place of green space in urban planning policy. The visit to the Prairies Saint Martin, a 30 ha park in the heart of the city, will provide the perfect backdrop to present and discuss the City of Rennes’ policy towards nature in the city.

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3. The CHP boiler room of the Beaulieu Campus

The University of Rennes 1 has started a process of traceability of energy savings in order to leverage its ability to invest in projects to obtain operating cost savings. Supported by the French national financing institution “Caisse des Dépôts et Consignation”, this type of approach has been implemented by several French universities, based on schemes developed in Germany, particularly in Stuttgart. A visit to the Beaulieu campus, mainly the CHP boiler room, will enable us to understand the challenges and actions implemented within the framework of the “intracting” scheme, by extending the discussion on opportunities for campus retrofit to fulfil ambitious climate objectives.

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4. Out of town

Municipalities implementing the energy transition. This tour of two municipalities ! La-Chapelle-Thouarault and Mordelles, outside the metropolitan centre, will combine visits of ambitious and participative projects in new neighbourhoods and meetings with local councillors and municipal services. The programme will show how these municipalities are engaging in the energy transition and what methods they are using to act locally.

Programme (in French)

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