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QUESTIONS about ICCA? Find below the answers to your questions

Our FAQ list provides you with answers on frequently asked questions.
If you need further support, please contact Tatjana Veith or Nathalie Moroge, who will provide you with individual support by phone or eMail.



What is the goal of Energy Cities´ Workshops?

We will provide the space to share experiences and ideas for developing measures for local governments to strengthen the collaboration between local authorities, actors and citizens on their paths to Paris and to low-carbon cities with high quality of live. For realizing visions of cities fueled by 100% renewable and zero emissions with an active citizenship it needs real debate amongst peers. If you are interested in Energy Cities´ Workshops, please visit our Programme.


What is the goal of the Climate Neighbourhoods (CN)?

The aim of the CN is to create a link between the actors involved at the policy and implementation levels of climate action projects and the general public, in order to think of climate action more comprehensively and approach the demands of the Paris Agreement ambitiously.


How are the three different events (ICCA, Energy Cities´ Annual Conference and CN) interconnected?

All events are part of and takes place within the framework of ICCA 2019.

  • Energy Cities’ workshops and Project Factory take place within the ICCA conference scene, parallel to other Workshops.
  • Energy Cities´ events for its members only, such as the General Assembly and the Gala Dinner, take place on Thursday (May 23rd) afternoon and evening in the aftermath of ICCA.

Apart from the joint opening and closing ceremonies, ICCA and the CN take place in parallel to each other.
The main difference lies in the different target groups: the ICCA mainly addresses policy makers at local, national, European and international level, whereas the CN is aimed at decision makers and engaged citizens at the local level (municipalities, businesses, civil society actors, citizens and young people).


What do the Excursions in and around Heidelberg offer?

Information on the excursions will soon be accessible via the web site of the Climate Neighbourhoods.


What is the Climate Action Festival?

The event is open to all interested participants of the CN, the ICCA and the Heidelberg citizens. You do not need to register for this event.


What is the Youth Climate Summit?

The Youth Climate Summit is part of the CN and starts on Monday, May 20th 2019. Registration is possible on the CN website.
The target group is young people from all over the world between the age of 16 and 26. More information can be found at Youth Climate Summit.



Can I still register for ICCA2019?

Registration is required in advance and spaces are limited. If you have not registered yet, please contact Nathalie Moroge or Tatjana Veith as soon as possible.


I have declared my interest but have not yet received a registration mail – What should I do?

Please contact Tatjana Veith or Nathalie Moroge as soon as possible so that you will receive an eMail with a registration code.
Please note that the registration code allows for one, personalized registration only. If you want to register more than one person, please indicate and provide contact details for the other person.


Am I automatically registered for Energy Cities´ Workshops?

Once you have received your registration code, you will have to choose between different priorities of Workshops. If you want to attend Energy Cities’ Workshops, your first choice should be the Energy Transition Workshops on May 22nd, and the Workshop on Multilevel Governance, or Energy Cities´ Project Factory May 23rd.


What can I do if a workshop or excursion is already fully booked?

In this case you will have to choose an alternative.


Am I automatically registered for the Climate Neighbourhoods?

With a badge for the ICCA conference, you also have access to the CN, but not to the workshops.
If you want to participate to CN workshops, please register separately for the CN here.
Please keep in mind that for reasons of overlapping, you can either participate to Energy Cities´ Workshops, or to the ones taking place at the Climate Neighbourhoods. However, there are other events taking place at the CNs that do not overlap with our Workshops.


Do I have to register to ICCA if I am already registered to the CN?

The CN and ICCA have a common opening and closing ceremony, but otherwise they are two parallel conferences with different program sequences. This means that with a CN registration, you can participate in the opening and closing rounds of the ICCA. For all other ICCA programme elements, please register separately on the ICCA website.


Can I transfer my registration to a colleague?

The registration is not transferable, because the registration procedure is very complex and the participants were invited and selected individually. For this reason, the registrations are personalized.



Do I have to bring anything to the conference?

Participants arriving from non-EU countries must have a valid passport and visa.


Do I receive materials or conference documents in preparation for the conference?

ICCA aims to be as resource-friendly as possible. Consequently, paper consumption should also be kept to a minimum.
Once you have registered, you will receive all relevant information via e-mail.