Energy tours

Breakout session

Join us for 3 site visits organized on Wednesday 26 April 15.00 - 18.00

Meeting Point for all three tours: Town Hall Stuttgart 4th floor 15.00

Registration is mandatory




Renovated Energy Plus School

Fossil energy resources like oil and gas are dwindling. Countries around the world have set the goal of only operating climate-neutral buildings. In Stuttgart, schools make up approximately 40% of the building space of the municipality, 20% of the operating costs must be spent on their energy needs. In order to show the sleeping potential here, the city of Stuttgart has implemented the project "Uhlandschule becomes a plus-energy-school". The goal is to modernise the existing building of the Uhlandschule in order to become a plus-energy-school.

End of Visit 1 at Schlossplatz: 17.50

Tour guide: Dr. Stephan Kempe (City of Stuttgart)





Stuttgart 21 Urban development around the new railways station

Stuttgart 21 is a railway and urban development project. The concept attempts to combine plans for high speed links from Stuttgart to other cities with the improvement of local infrastructure and replacement of the current terminal station. The current 17-track station is to be replaced by an underground 8-track through-station. Because the existing platforms and approach tracks will not be needed any more, the project has a big potential for urban development in the city centre. The excursion will take place at the building site and the "Turmforum", an exhibition around the project.

40 participants maximum

End of Visit 2 at Main Station: 17.30

Tour guide: René Hahn (City of Stuttgart)




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Alfred Kiess GmbH, a highly energy-efficient modern carpentry for interior work

Founded 75 years ago as a simplistic carpentry the "Alfred Kiess GmbH" developed to a highly modern enterprise for exclusive interior work. The business activities range from yachts to diverse office buildings and other objects. Furthermore the "Alfred Kiess GmbH" is hhigly sustainable. On the one hand the heating system uses the own woodcut for energy production. On the other hand a big PV-system produces electricity for the own energy consumption and the electric car pool. Combined with the purchase of 100% renewable electricity from the Stadtwerke Stuttgart the "Alfred Kiess GmbH" is a climate-neutral entreprise.

End of Visit 3 at Schlossplatz: 17.50

Tour guide: Stefan Ronzani (Stadtwerke Stuttgart)