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Our annual conference programme, inside ICCA 2019 in Heidelberg, is now online.


WHEN: Wednesday May 22nd, from 14:00 to 17:30
EVENT:  Energy Transition Workshops
LOCATION: Heidelberg Convention Centre

– Organized by Energy Cities, REN21 and Sustainable Energy Africa


• Workshop session I:
“Telling new stories”: The new storyline for local transitions. WHY cities are doing the transition and HOW they invent the next local economy (Wed: 14.00 – 15.30)
Objective: “Long term strategies”; “master plans”; “2050 roadmaps”: many cities are designing their future going through participatory processes with the aim to have a 10 year investment plan in order to be on a Paris-compatible path. Both, shrinking and fast-growing cities have to do the exercise. This workshop can be divided into clusters for half of the time to learn from each other’s experiences. The rest would be more an analysis of the hypothesis to take in account (technological, social, financial) given by academics (REN21), with the aim to give a maximum of tools for local decision-makers to start thinking about the next economy/prosperity of their territory (SEA).


• Workshop session II:
“Energizing cities and regions”: Local energy: policies and support mechanism to increase local take off (Wed: 16.00 – 17.30)
Objective: Launch of the draft report on local energy in order to draw special attention to the need of supporting all renewable local/citizen projects if we want to be Paris Compatible and the specific role for cities in that process. So far, policy recommendations and international debates focus on supporting the XXL scale projects, which are necessary, but not enough is said about the necessary contribution of all sources of energy, in particular, local (synergies between sources, wasted heat recovery, community projects). The report, coordinated by REN21, is aiming at monitoring the progress of local renewable energy production in order to track gaps, potentials, and policy’s needs. Energy cities´ report on community energy is presenting outstanding pilot examples from across the EU, which can illustrate the policy needs.



WHEN: Thursday May 23rd, from 07:30 to 08:45
EVENT: Mayors’ breakfast – Organized by City of Heidelberg
LOCATION: Prinz Karl, Kornmarkt 1 – City Hall

City of Heidelberg invites Mayors to share a convivial moment during breakfast.



WHEN: Thursday 23rd May, from  09:00 to 10:30
EVENT: Mayors’ session
LOCATION: Solarboat

Mayors engaged to fight climate change are meeting often in different occasion, different summits, but rarely they have the opportunity to speak to each other’s and draw a political agenda for the future. These sessions should thus concentrate on real debate among peers and be designed to facilitate the debate between Mayors.



WHEN: Thursday May 23rd, from 11:00 to 12:30
EVENT: Title to be announced
LOCATION: Heidelberg Convention Centre

– Organized by Climate Alliance & Energy Cities

Governance III: Effective roles of subnational climate actors / citizen participation (Thur: 11.00-12.30)
Objective: Design processes of energy and climate policies and respective planning are as important as the ambition and targets they propose. Even more: they are fostering or not the mobilisation of all actors and are a useful, or not, a broad consensus on the way to reach the objectives.



WHEN: Thursday May 23rd, from 18:30 to 19:30
EVENT: General Assembly
LOCATION: City Hall, Markplatz 10

Member of Energy Cities are welcome to join our General Assembly! Please visit our dedicated page and register to the event before April 12th using the form.



WHEN: Thursday 23rd May, from 20:00
EVENT: Energy Cities Diner

Be our guests at Energy Cities diner, organized to end this 2019 conference in a pleasant and cheerful way. To let us know about your presence, please use the same form as General Assembly Registration on our dedicated page.