The positive conference news

Rennes has a very ambitious climate and energy plan ! Emmanuel Couet, President of Greater Rennes, explained us how they got there.

2- Energy Cities joined “Small is beautiful” campaign
James Watson, CEO of SolarPower Europe stated “Small renewable installations on office buildings, schools, libraries and hospitals are crucial to a successful energy transition in cities. Energy Cities joins the campaign at a crucial moment as we approach the final negotiations of the Clean Energy Package, where we must ensure that small-scale renewables receive support from the EU to thrive.”

3– The strong will amongst the coalition of French delegates to increase the pressure following the open letter to Le Monde : the energy and climate contribution needs to become part of financing at the local level !

4- The release of our “Blockchain and Energy Transition – What challenges for cities ?” study to make sense of the Blockchain buzz and understand how this new technology could support the energy transition.

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