MANIFESTO - reforming europe through its energy union
We have seized the opportunity of the energy transition, a transformation that is bound to happen, to conduct a broader assessment of the structural reforms we need to operate in our cities. In many cases, what started as an energy debate became an opportunity to trigger an economic recovery, launch a local currency, address social inequalities or increase cohesion among our communities, etc.
Sabine Froning, Communication Works:
“A big thanks for letting me participate in what were really interesting three days in Stuttgart. Congratulations to you and the whole team, not only because it was - as usual - super well organised and brought together a refreshingly different crowd, but especially because the theme and debates were really spot on! Living up to the 3 Ds will certainly remain a huge challenge even for municipalities and their own utilities. But I am always impressed how much Energy Cities is able to keep the spirit of a frontrunner movement.”

Laurent Comeliau, Nantes Métropole:
“A few words to thank you for inviting Francine and me to this big European networking event in Stuttgart. It has offered us an unexpected opportunity to share our experience and feed ourselves with all the presentations held during these 3 days. Congratulations to the Energy Cities team for the great organisation, as always!”

Claire Mouchard, KEA (KEA Klimaschutz- und Energieagentur Baden-Württemberg):
“A wide variety of interesting issues tackled, good speakers, nice facilitator, great atmosphere… For me, it was a fantastic opportunity to broaden my horizons and meet new people.”

Corentin Girard, Valencia - Fundació Observatori del Canvi Climàtic:
“I am very glad I got the opportunity to participate in this conference and I appreciated both the contents and the organisation. I went back to Valencia with a great motivation and a bunch of ideas and contacts that I hope my municipality will benefit from. Once again, congratulations for the organisation!”
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