Our zero-carbon future is built through partnerships that are wide-ranging, both in scope and scale.

They will have to be forged between and within territories, between urban and rural areas, between city administration and citizens, between national and local governments, so as to create truly local alliances. Cities and regions beautifully capture what the European Union needs to be more: democratic, sovereign and united:
  • Democratic because good urban transformation and local energy policy involves all stakeholders
  • Sovereign, because innovative local development will be based on local resources;
  • United, because cities connecting with each other, with their rural surroundings and with different other governance levels make up for a collaborative European territory.

In 2018 in Rennes, the flagship event of our network is meant to power those partnerships with people and ideas.


Our speakers are thought-leaders, practitioners, first-movers and disruptors in energy matters. We put a particular effort into inviting women to share knowledge and experience.


Energy Cities is the European expert network gathering 1000 cities with the common objective of making the energy transition happen. For almost 30 years now, we have been supporting local attempts to decentralise and democratise our energy system. 
Every year, Energy Cities organises its major conference in one of its member cities to discuss latest developments in local energy policies. Each Annual Conference is a milestone for getting updates on city initiatives, sharing next practices and coordinating policy work towards EU institutions. It is the meeting point for decision-makers and practitioners from public organisations, business, research and civil society.

Who will you meet?

  • City delegates
  • Local agencies
  • Private sector
  • Research
  • NGOs & Civil Society