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Energy Cities’ next annual conference will take place in Heidelberg from 22 to 24 May 2019, back to back with the International Conference on Climate Action (ICCA 2019). The host city is one of Germany’s leading cities on the Energytransition and climate action, with the objective of reducing 95% GHG by 2050. Moreover it is well-known for developing Bahnstadt, one of Europe’s largest passive neighbourhoods. Heidelberg signed the Covenant of Mayors in 2008, and is a committed member of Energy Cities for over 20 years,  holding the Presidency of its Board of Directors since 2005. 

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Energy Cities is the European expert network gathering 1000 cities with the common objective of making the energy transition happen. For almost 30 years now, we have been supporting local attempts to decentralise and democratise our energy system. 
Every year, Energy Cities organises its major conference in one of its member cities to discuss latest developments in local energy policies. Each Annual Conference is a milestone for getting updates on city initiatives, sharing next practices and coordinating policy work towards EU institutions. It is the meeting point for decision-makers and practitioners from public organisations, business, research and civil society.

Who will you meet?

  • City delegates
  • Local agencies
  • Private sector
  • Research
  • NGOs & Civil Society